Wednesday, October 31, 2012


See honey, nobody is here, just like we said.
Oh, I'm here alright.
But I saw him. He was right in the corner.
Honey, it must have been a shadow. Or a dream.
No, it was me.
But I did see him!
She's such a sweet girl, would a pretty face like that lie?
We know you think you saw him, but trust us, nobody is in here.
No! He was! He was tall and ugly and smiling at me!
That hurts my feelings, darling.
Ugh, Tabitha, for the last time, you need to lay down and go to bed.
Yes, Tabitha. Daddy needs his alone time.
Can I sleep with you tonight?
No. What I mean is...daddy and I want you to try to be a big girl tonight? Okay?
Yes, little girl. Maybe I should show you what they mean.
Okay, now back to bed you go.
Don't worry. I'll take care of her for you.
Okay honey, sweet dreams. We love you.
Make sure you guys shut the door.