Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fall Storm

Thousands of baby rats streamed out of the corners and cracks, their tiny pink bodies soon covering the dirty walls and floor.
He bolted awake onto an elbow, breathing heavily and blinking away the huddles of baby rats he saw laying on the carpet.
He laid back down onto the couch and wondered why it was still so dark, though the clock said it was 8:30am. These after work naps where usually the easiest to fall into, with his body and mind exhausted from another night of dull and pointless work.
Then he heard over the radio murmurings of the cattle and crop reports the quiet peal of thunder.
He closed his eyes and tried to make up his mind: try to sleep again or catch what may be the last good storm of the year?
Blindly he reached up and opened the window, feeling the cool Fall breeze blow back the light curtains and fill the room.
He would lay there and wait for where the winds took him.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Only Logical

Woah, get a load of this guy, dragging his peacock around by the tail like some sort of screeching clawed land anchor through the city streets.
People point out that the tail is the prettiest part of the peacock, and what he is doing is making no sense.
He replies that he knows and it makes perfect sense.
If people were allowed to see the the beautiful tail they'd be talking about the peacock, and not about him.