Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shiraz Economy

Early afternoon is an awful time for shiraz, though I'm not sure if it's the time of day or the wine.
Nasty stuff, really. With an aftertaste that only moderately hints of household cleaner. (which I suppose could be blamed on my drinking mug, but I never clean that)
The whole thing tastes of being fermented in some prison. (and seeing as how it was made in Australia, makes sense)
But it gets the job done, I suppose. Makes me forget the light head and numb right fingers with the mystery bump.
So I'll stick with this 16 dollar jug of shiraz until it turns my teeth purple. If I'm going to pay the 75 dollars that my shit insurance won't cover for every teeth cleaning, I'm going to get my money's worth.
You gotta squeeze every penny in this economy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost Moment

Victor had enough. The parties, the loud talking, the trash thrown into his yard.
For 6 months he lay in bed, trying to sleep. Couldn't call the cops, they'd know it was him. Couldn't go himself, who knows what would happen.
Sometimes he'd get brave, and throw the trash back. When they weren't home.
He figured like all smart adults, they'd figure it out.
They didn't.
Enough was enough.
Finally, he worked up the righteousness. He walked up to their door, but saw the pink eviction notice.
Stolen of his brave moment, Victor walked back dejected.
Next time, he swore.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Assault Knives: America's Hidden Scourge

Recently an 18 year old Oklahoma woman made the news for shooting an intruder while on the phone with a police dispatcher.  The woman was home alone with her baby when a 24 year old man armed with a 12 inch knife attempted to break into her home with an accomplice.
            This story has risen a number of questions about American freedoms, the most controversial of which is always: How long will America continue to ignore its problem with assault knives?
            Yes, it is stated in the 2nd Amendment that the people have a right to “bear arms”, but that was also written in a very different time in history.  In those days, the average American may have needed large knives to protect themselves from bears, Englishmen, and bandits.  But today, the bear has been relegated to the zoo, the most aggressive Englishman plays a doctor on your TV, and the police are there to protect us around the clock.  
            Realistically, for what purpose does the average person need to use a 12 inch knife?  What could possibly be so large that you need an entire foot to cut through it?  The largest head of organically grown lettuce can easily be bisected using two cuts of a 4 inch knife.
            Sure, a large knife may have been needed for hunting, or in colonial kitchens for the purpose of cutting breads, cheeses, and meats.  But again, the times have surpassed the knife with all foods coming in the form of can, slice, box, or shredded. 
            When we look at the facts, there can be only one purpose for such weapons, but the Big Knife lobby continues to keep the American people in danger by pulling the wool over their eyes and lining the pockets of legislators.  Big Knife has been successful in blocking any legislation that would even slow the selling of assault knives.
            Knowing it was futile, I called my local sheriff and asked him the number of knives sold in our county.  He simply nervously laughed and hung up the phone.  It's not that he was hiding anything, he had no need to.  
            The fact is that are no age checks, background checks, or even accounting of knife sales in this country.  Any man or woman of any mental mind frame can simply walk into a local Wal-Mart, pick up a package of assault knives (Ooh! 2 for 1!) and walk to the register.  Oh yeah, while while they are there, why not pick up a couple sharpeners?  Never can tell how dull a knife will get after a full day of stabbin', you know. 
            How many crimes have been perpetrated due to the assailant holding “courage with a handle”?  Would this wayward young man have even attempted this home invasion if he had, say, a perfectly safe and reasonable electric knife?  Sadly, we may never know.  The bloody hands of the Big Knife lobby is covering the ears and eyes of those who swore to protect us.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl 42 Truth

Now that another Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots is just a few days away, I think it's time we take another look at what happened the first time they met.
I have posted this on other sites, but nobody is willing to see the truth. 
I, the humble truth teller, laid out my reasons for questioning the results of Super Bowl 42 as such:

The world was shocked by the events of February 3, 2008, but if you look closely to what happened, there are a number of questions that arise that challenge the "official story" of the Giants Super Bowl win.

*Has a 12 point underdog ever won the Superbowl?

*Despite universal predictions that the Patriots would win, how could Plaxico Burress not only predict the Giant's victory, but also predict almost exactly the correct final score?

*Notice Tom Brady's nervous laughter to hearing Buress' prediction. Is he afraid that he had let the cat out of the bag?

*After his bold prediction, what are the odds that Burress would also score the game winning touchdown?

*How could a player who had not caught a touchdown all season catch one in the Super Bowl against the best team in the league?

*How could a team that beat the Giants only weeks before by three points then lose to them by three points?

*How could the leagues highest scoring team only score 14 points?

*Despite running drills and practices against passes all season, and for two weeks specifically against the Giants, why did the defense suddenly "fail" on January 21?

*Eli Manning was the winning QB in Super Bowl 42, Peyton Manning was the winning QB in Super Bowl 41. Their connection? They're brothers.

*Why were the Giants wearing hats declaring themselves Super Bowl 42 champions IMMEDIATELY AFTER the game? There's no way that hats can be made that fast.

*Why was Tom Brady seen wearing a cast on his leg the week before the Super Bowl?

*Why was Bill Belichick quoted as saying after the game "it is what it is."?

*Why has there been a complete media blackout of anybody questioning the official story of Super Bowl 42?

As of yet, there is still no official inquiry into what happened at Super Bowl 42