Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost Moment

Victor had enough. The parties, the loud talking, the trash thrown into his yard.
For 6 months he lay in bed, trying to sleep. Couldn't call the cops, they'd know it was him. Couldn't go himself, who knows what would happen.
Sometimes he'd get brave, and throw the trash back. When they weren't home.
He figured like all smart adults, they'd figure it out.
They didn't.
Enough was enough.
Finally, he worked up the righteousness. He walked up to their door, but saw the pink eviction notice.
Stolen of his brave moment, Victor walked back dejected.
Next time, he swore.


  1. Struck down by the cruel hand of serendipity.

  2. Poor guy :( Next time for sure!

  3. Missed moments for bravery. Sad for both parties in a way.

  4. Wha? He passed up the chance to be the icing on the cake? Lame.

  5. you really paint a picture with words.


  6. Well at least his problem's solved. Too bad it wasn't caused by his own hand though.

  7. next time he hopefully won't wait so long....or take a shotgun

  8. Always happens. When you want to slice someone's arms, somebody else might have chopped the head off. So what he should have yelled at the door and came back.