Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Growing up, spring was always welcome, but was a sign of dirty work to come.

Before the drifts could fully melt our father would come to us, tools in hand, and command us children put down our new things and follow him. 

With childlike zeal we would dig into the snow and pull out the naked bodies. In case anyone came by, we would store them under some brush until the ground was soft enough for digging. 

I never figured why father was so paranoid, if we had summer visitors we could just take care of them like the rest.


  1. I giggled. Wasn't expecting that.

    Just add the whole "based on a true story" tag.

  2. Yeah fathers are weird that way.

  3. How often do you use the tag 'snow drifts'?

  4. Haha wow that wasn't expected, very creative :)

  5. lol...very cool post and not what I expected

  6. so house of wax isnt a fiction? Is your family last name Cullen and you go to school forever and glow in sun?

  7. "...we dig into the snow and"
    Okay cool, childhood memories.
    "pull out the naked bodies."
    Holy shit what the hell!

    Good one, haha!

  8. I'm prolly going to hell for laughing at that.

    Definitely wasn't expecting it but very creative.

  9. Going for the shock factor.

    Worked :)