Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Another Day, Sadly

Just another day, sadly.
Took too many days off by one.
Rain, so can't drive. (I'll get those wipers fixed eventually)
Probably shouldn't spend the money anyway.
Would walk, but so many parks and kids.
A single bearded man wondering alone, they make videos about that.
I could wait until dark, if I want to get stabbed.
Besides, the perpetual fatigue is setting back in.
I'll manage to get that looked at too, once I find a doctor.
And maybe he can find some social scientist,
to explain this utopia we live in.


  1. Dude needs to lighten up and move his ass is what he needs.

  2. Ahh if only it was a utopia my friend.

  3. lol the world is so terrible. Don't worry, laugh it off. Both of my wipers need new blades too. Plus, society is run by superficial, self-centered, egomaniacle, psychopaths.

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