Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer is Cancelled

He got an envelope with his sign up sheet and money returned to him. “Lack of interest in the summer league”
It explained. 

His heart dropped, and quickly felt foolish. The anxiety over deciding to join, the imaginary future conversations, even the jogging to get in shape; they all seemed very stupid.

He was glad he hadn't mention it to his family yet. Or maybe he had learned to expect something like this.
So to them, he'll have another lost summer, spent like very other one in the past.

But they won't know it wasn't from lack of trying.


  1. I think he should have mentioned it, but I've had people think I'm lazy when there was serious problems involved I didn't want them to know about.

  2. If eharmony rejects you, you have, and all such. Doesn't summer league have marathon, pink ribbon 15k and all that?

  3. bummer man. but that's what you were going for so, good bringing us down that is. ha

  4. Oh god! But I don't need to get out in summer! :D all I need is my guitar and a writing pad and a couple of my favourite pens and my phone!