Monday, May 21, 2012

Living Room Wildlife

The shoelace on the floor picked up its head and started writhing its way across the matted carpet. The Drunk sat on his couch and watched, sipping from the bottle.

He'd noticed it had moved from place to place, but just figured he'd done it with his feet, or in the lost moments.

He looked for the shoe amidst the clutter. It might be fun, to lace a writhing shoelace.

Would it bite?

But just as he found the shoe, the lace fell limp and lifeless.

Clutching the shoe and bottle, he intently waited for it to return to life.


  1. I love magic stories and movies all the more, because I can see things moving around and I can watch it.

    But you are saying that I could save all money and buy a bottle and bottoms up would bring all things to life? I need to make fun of these Egyptians now, cooking up "Book of dead" and all such, all they had to do was to empty bottle and see things brought to life.

  2. I do wonder what it would be like to try and tie a writhing shoe lace. Given that I have a few on my floor, I really hope they don't get up and move when I'm not looking.

  3. The poor thing sounds confused

  4. I had a dream a bit like this once...except they turned into pythons

  5. I liked the action of "clutching the shoe and bottle". Just sort of clinched the whole thing at the end.

  6. Oh he should watch out! Shoelaces are tricky bugggers! Thats why I don't wear shoelaces!

  7. I hate it when my shoelaces run from me!