Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glory Hole

The oil dripping robotic arm burst through the wall and wrapped its rough fingers behind my head. He slammed my face into the already broken tile above the urinal until I thought I would finally see my attacker face to face.

But I never did get to see him, and he wouldn't stop until I slipped five dollars through the slit in the wall.

Some times are worse than others, but the first time is usually the worst.


  1. Is this new vending machine for urinal? or the reverse of vending machine? Insert dollars before peeing?
    They always say that the only the dead know the fact about his attacker, but these attacks from behind - doesnt matter?

  2. I don't really know who would pay for that kind of service. Unless you don't go in expecting to be attacked.

  3. The urinal of the future.

    The Rise of the Urinals.

  4. I'm feeling traumatized right now.

  5. What the heck just hit me?

    I guess I'll never know.

  6. work in the sex trade they said. EASY money they said!

  7. And they call that progress. Thank you but no thank you Mr. Roboto.

    I'm back and trying to get people to check out my poetry blog, longdayhotshower.blogspot.com