Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Deal Weekend.

I was at my sister's house the other day when we noticed her neighbors where putting stuff on the curb for people to take away. 
Having already gotten a nice fish tank from them, I decided to meander over and take a look. 
And what did I find?
Some kind of weird yellow/green box that only said Monaural Solid State.
I had no freaking clue what it was, but the price was right so I took it.
And what did I find when I finally managed to get the cover off?
That's right, a freakin' Portable Record Player for the land before time.
That works.
So I immediately went and picked up some records at the thrifts shop for 75 cents apiece.
And what did I find at the thrift store while looking for records?
A freaking sweet set of binoculars and old leather case for 5 bucks.

So the rest of my weekend was spent being all classy and shit: Drinking beer, listening to classical music on 33 and 1/3, and masturbating to internet porn while getting a closer view of my HOGG than any woman has in months.
At the same time.

I was so excited I decided to pull out the Five Dollar Digital Camera and take a picture of it.  (Sorry, no pictures of the binoculars, they look like...binoculars)

Jealous?  Oh yeah, you're jealous.


  1. I'm.. so jealous. I want that. Why don't my neighbors throw away the good stuff like that? This isn't even fair.


  2. lol, that does look like a $5 camera picture :)

  3. Oh im jelly alright. haha. Its always cool finding random fun stuff for cheap.

  4. This reminds me of this one time I found a red aerobie at a thrift store that was the perfect shade of orange for a TRON costume I made.

  5. that thing looks fun as hell, too bad it can't play 45's :d

  6. Are you sure that someone wasnt paying for your fantasy and giving you best time of your life?

  7. Wow that's a freakin amazing deal, I'm a tad jealous of you, sounds like a classy weekend :D

  8. I miss my parents record player. I do believe vinyl has a great sound.

  9. Oh lawd! Put that record player somewhere safe, don't touch it for the next 40 years, and then sell it. It'll be worth a fortune to collectors!

  10. dude i laughed so hard i peed while reading this. "getting a better look at my hogg" with the binos! fucking hilarious!!!!

  11. Dude! Those are some awesome finds!

  12. lol.. i want neighbours like ur sister's xD

    good findings, man!

  13. So the price was right... What price did you get that at?!!? Thats awesome!