Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Job Hunt

2:45 am
At work.
Two black hoodies out front.  Skinny comes in while fatty stays out front. 
Hood up, dirty jeans.
Pale, sunken eyes, buzz cut and pockmarks. 
Wrings his hands and asks quietly about the application he turned in. 
Tell him I have no idea, to maybe HR during the daytime tomorrow.
HR?  he asks.
Human Resources.  I explain. 
Mumbles thanks and hustle shuffles out, head down. 
Joins fatty, chats, and off into the night. 
The optimist in me hopes they were scoping the place for a robbery.


  1. Meet the guy who's going to come back and rob you lol.

  2. Meet your new wrong friends lol.

  3. I expected the ending, i was hoping for a robbery too hahaha

  4. That was quite a good one!
    Better to be robbed by people like that than to work with them!

  5. The optimist. Sounds like a bad cookie then eh.

  6. Give them all the money; it's not yours anyways. :P

  7. Sadly, people like these seem to be becoming evermore present as time passes. Luckily, I haven't had the displeasure of working with one of these folks, and hopefully that shall continue. *fingers crossed*

  8. This made me cry because I've known many young men like this. Boys whose fathers beat them or deserted them. Their mothers are overwhelmed. No love, no hope, they can't read well enough to fill out an application. Lord, it breaks my heart. Great writing.

  9. That is total reality and I loved the end!