Friday, December 23, 2011

Annie Update

As you will recall, I wrote a short apology to Annie Stensrud in the early morning hours of Wednesday the 22nd.
And early that Wednesday afternoon, Annie Stensrud was picked up for a DWI.

Did she read my post, and was so touched that she just had to drive over to thank me personally?
I'm not sure we'll ever know. 
She was driving in the wrong direction. 
But that's understandable, since she was drunk. 

I only have one last comment on the matter:
She was drunk by noon.
Now that is my kind of lady. 

Story here


  1. She read your post. No other explanation possible.

  2. That is one classy lady. She must have read your post.

  3. Some stuff? I'll take it following :)

  4. Drunk by noon? Someone give this one babies.

  5. Lol. This one, this one i'm not liking too much.

    Haha. Sorry bud. Very stupid character though, getting drunk again so soon. She deserves to be punished!

  6. AHAHAHAHAHA she's just digging deeper into the whole.

  7. I'm always drunk by noon because I'm drunk 24/7. That way I don't have to worry about the time. I strongly recommend getting drunk and staying that way. Especially during these fucking holidays.


  8. You are one out-of-the-world guy. I know 100th time I am saying this?
    You are stalking a lady who drinks at "wednesday" noon. And imagining things like she is reading your post before emptying the glass.
    Forget about her DWI pray that she keeps reading your post to remain hungover and not think about restraining order.
    .23 while legal limit is .08. As a feminist I am proud of her. Women are no less :)