Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year

Guy comes in. 
Large and a bit disheveled, but still well kept.  Dark blazer, khakis.  Tan lines from expensive rings.
The scent of women's perfume and alcohol. 
Reaches over the desk and grabs a pen.  Asks for a room and starts to smooth out a single wrinkled check. 
We do have rooms, but don't take checks. 
He's not disappointed, he'll just move on with The Plan.
His glassy eyes tell the story.
One too many crashes, defaults, layoffs, and downsizes.  He wasn't going to be broken, we would break himself. 
Pawn the rings, walk away from the house, empty the account.
He was going out in style, and one hotel not accepting his last check wasn't going to get in the way of that. 
This was his year.
As he stumbled into his damaged rental car and sped off, I envied him.


  1. reminds me of Pacino in Scent of a Woman. Dig it.

  2. Excellent end line hook.

    That was well executed.

  3. A plan and maybe an end to it all for him?

  4. At least he went off with a bang!

  5. Its better to burn out then to fade away.

  6. I'd like to be the guy that knows this will be his year.

  7. You just never know with life right?

  8. That was excellent.

  9. Now that was an unexpected and interesting ending. The guys going to off himself and you envy him. Nice bit of writing.

  10. Future bank robber - rock on my friend, God speed

  11. I am bookmarking this post in case I am laid off tommorrow. Need to know what to do.

  12. what a greaaat post love your blog =) follow