Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Love and Loss and Getting Back on That Horse

He comes in the back entrance, 60's, weathered.
Plaid shirt with button snaps, dirty denim pants.
Face of a man whose greatest success ended a year ago.
Gets a room. Single bed, smoking.
He wants to leave a key. And talk.
The last year had been hard. Wife died. Forty some years.
Just threw away her clothes today.
“Finally” he says.
Says she'll come and ask for his name, just give her a key.
He goes to his room and waits.
Hours pass.
He comes back, disappointed.
Opportunity lost.
Says he doesn't know why he thought she'd come.
Leaves his key with the other. Says not to let her in if she comes.
She comes in from the back entrance. Dancer.
Young, glitter, lunch box purse.
She asks for his name. She looks disappointed.
Income lost.
She's on her phone before she's out the back door.
Days later. Softball game.
Sun and families and grass.
A few rows behind me I hear the sad man, telling a woman about about his wife and his loss.


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  2. I liked it! Kinda sad : /
    +followed though, cant wait for more!

  3. That's a terribly sad portrait. I hope and pray i don't go through that, it must be VERY hard.

  4. This rendered me speachless! (good thing I can still type)

  5. Again, good stuff. Reading this is with the rainy weather made gave it an even sadder emphasis.

  6. I'm having rainy weather too and I can agree that it adds a more sombre, sadder vibe.

  7. I...wasn't expecting this at all.

  8. And it could happen to anyone. Great.

  9. Am I missing something? He ordered for escort service/hooker and then changed his mind?

  10. i'm glad i followed this blog!

  11. I like the ending of sorrow and dismay.

  12. I really liked that, but it was heartbreaking. It was good to read.

  13. Ah short stories again. (^____^)

  14. Would you consider doing something raccoon related? PLeeeaaaaseeee?

  15. great post +followed

  16. Wow, that's really something. It's quite impressing.