Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey Ladies!

What did I do last night?  Oh, not much.
Put on a fire.
Read some Hemingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
and put some Tchaikovsky on the record player while I sipped some slow whiskey. 
(Two kinds, mixed.  It was confiscated from some guests at work.  It was already a little watered down, but not bad.  It was drank from the 20oz bottle I used to mix it with Coke)

Details.  It's always the details. 


  1. Does your place smell of rich mahogany?

  2. Yeah? Well I read a book too, the hardest one, Machiavelli. While listening to Bach. (Portal 2, anyone)

  3. "It was drank from the 20 oz bottle . . . ?" I think you were drank when you wrote this post. I'm not saying dirty things to you anymore now that I know you aren't a pathetic old guy who needs cheering up and you might have a psycho wife.


  4. That's a good night. Maybe putting on a fire.. well it depends where. But everything else, mf. I'm jealous.

  5. I'll see your whiskey and Hemingway and raise you by a gin and tonic with Fitzgerald. I'll share the fire with you though. Sounds like a great night. Better than telly and beer :)

  6. You drink other people's fluids? Be careful, they may have peed in it!

  7. I could go for a drink right now. That midterm was kind of brutal.

  8. Fire...yes!
    Alcoholic beverage...yes!
    Hemingway...I pass.
    Music...always! But I prefer hard rock.

  9. Sounds like you almost had a good night!

  10. Drinking on a school night? Quite the rebel you are sir!

    Nice ending with the details line.

  11. all you needed were some coked out strippers and I'd say:

    "my kind of party!" time though.

  12. How do you put on a fire? O_O I guess you meant "out" :) Stay classy!