Thursday, November 10, 2011

Now, For Some Penis Levity

Alas, yesterday I seemingly broke one of my rules, which has multiple parts:
A)Don't talk about politics
B)With strangers/audience

Not that I got any flaming mean comments, they were more of the "I'm going to be polite and comment back since he commented on my post.  But if the blood from my tongue happens to drip into this reply, so be it." 
I'm not here to make fun of those people.
I do it every time someone has a negative post about killing prostitutes. 

But anyway, I discovered something shocking today.  We all remember/know this iconic cover shot from Rolling Stone, right?
Kinda sweet, right?  A drug addled past his prime rock and roller lovingly hanging on his...whatever. 

But take a look.  No, really, take a closer look.

I'll give you a few seconds. 

Now feast your eyes on this:
Now, I'm not saying Yoko Ono had a penis or anything, but I'm sorta heavily suggesting it. 
Am I the first person to notice this?  My complete lack of investigation has shown that:  Yes, yes I am. 
So there you guys go.
You are now part of the scoop of the century.
Can you un-see this now?


  1. Reminds me of the first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm... the "pants tent" haha

  2. I can unsee it because it's an indented bulge thing. You know what though, Yoko Ono has a pair of balls. That's something.

  3. I would not be shocked if she did have a penis...those rock stars are freakin weirdos!

    Maybe that's why he left the Beetles, he wanted a she-dick!

  4. I don't think I will be able to unsee that no.

  5. I never cared for that photo. John Lennon naked and in a fetal position? I can do that all by myself at home when I'm really depressed.


  6. I don't know. Looking at the original image makes it look a lot thinner in my opinion.

  7. This post of yours - Yoko truly deserves this for breaking the greatest band of alltimes.

  8. I totaly flaked on the occupy thing as the topic yesterday cause of the check thing. Where you interested in a talk on that? What are your opinions on it?
    As for the penis thing, the part you made look like a shaft tooks like a dent caused by the bulge (what you say are balls) So I think its Yokos pubic hair. She probably has it styled in a big afro!

  9. I couldn't care less about the artist when it comes to music, but this is just sort of a little bit extreme.

  10. DOH! I have never noticed that and am now forever damaged.

  11. I remember hearing her screeching on The White Album. Christ, she had Lennon hoodwinked. The popularized story of how they met is shite. She was married at the time, targeted John and began following him around London. She even climbed inside a limo with John and his wife once. I think that may have been his dick in she had in her pants as she obviously cut his balls off early in their relationship

  12. What has been seen can't be unseen. D:

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  14. oh man, what has been seen cannot...


  15. I always thought she had that tranny look to her. It all makes sense now. I'll be damned.