Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Oscars

Sorry, but I just can't get it up to watch a bunch of famous millionaires get drunk and hand out awards to each other. 
Of course there's always the preaching to look forward to.  Here's someone who is told where to stand and what to say for a living telling  me how to live my life.
I'll learn the importance of turning off my lights when I leave the room or walking instead of driving, but never once do they tell us to stop going to electricity guzzling movie theaters or stop buying dvds made from petroleum based products.

Funny that.


  1. agreed i make it a point to noy know anything about anyone famous

  2. loved seeing ricky gervais at the globes carving them up with british wit! following ;)

  3. Never even consider sitting through an awards ceremony, talk about many hours of dull

  4. ive actually never seen and entire one, not even once, but i like knowing who won, i think some of them actually deserve the honors

  5. Meh, they have to give the stars something to toot there own ego while there not making movies or doing publicity stunts, dont they? lol