Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FreindZone Vigilante

For the fifth time he parks outside her house.  He'll do it.  This time he'll do it. 
He's gotta do something.  No one else will.  He's her friend, it's his duty, isn't it?
He plays it over again, how it'll go down.
Kick the door, punches, kicks, the speech.
She won't leave him, not yet, so he's got to stop. 
One thing at a time. 
One thing till she realizes what he's known for years, and comes.
It gets darker.  Checks his watch.  Shit. 
She'll be home soon.
Now.  Or never.
What if she gets home early?
Shit.  Probably shouldn't today.  Tomorrow.  Wait, work tomorrow.
He'll have to check her schedule.
For the fifth time he starts his car.
As he drives away he swears he sees a curtain move.


  1. Very interesting write. I would like to read more :)

  2. a short about the creeper 'best friend
    huh? do more do more

  3. so wait, this guy wants to talk to this girl about his feelings but he's having second thoughts. nice little story

  4. I hope this isnt you!!! If it is, I can lend some helpful suggestions! So many other girls out there, you'll find the right one and she'll know it ;).
    Ty for still checkin out my blog! I'll start reading everyone else's again.

  5. I had someone like this a while back... they had good intentions but it just comes off creepy.. :S

  6. I lol'd. Nice rhythm.

    Feel bad for that guy though.

  7. You never told me if it was you who got friend zoned!

  8. Sounds a bit stalkerish but good read nonetheless

  9. Want to read more like this.

  10. This is all rather stalkerish. I love it =D


  11. cool poem. following for more of that please.

  12. Very nice. But in a sad way...

  13. Sad :( should post more of this.

  14. This piece of text talks about all of us. About all of the times we doubt ourselves "Should we take action" Should we.. , and so on, Until we come to the conclusion it's to late for action and the moment is gone