Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oil Change

7:30 am at the oil change. Waiting.  Reading Spin and Sports.  Ads, articles. Ads.
Man comes and tells me this and that.  I know, don't do anything.
I have a coupon.
Back to the magazines.  He shuffles off, but he'll be back
Ads and Pitches, Ads and Pitches.
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  1. LOL. Good Luck waiting. Hope you get out soon.

  2. magazines are worthless nowadays why would we purchase a book of advertisements?

  3. lol he wanted to try to "fix" other things that were wrong with your car?

    I hate that shit. "I have a coupon for an oil change, that is all I want. Thank you." lol

  4. I just get my dad to do that.