Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great News!

As some of you know, me and The Lady have parted ways after she decided to go back with her husband.  But a man has needs, right?  So I decided to break down and go to Craigslist to reply to a few ads. 
Well, not to draw things out, but I think I've found The One.  Of course I was smart and asked for some pics, but now I'm hooked.  We're gonna meet tomorrow at an old gas station.  It's gonna be so cash.  She said she'd even "do stuff" right there!
What do you think?  Anyone else have any Craigslist stories?


  1. Craigslist seems to bring out the crazies, met up with two girls from there and ran as fast as hell. Hopefully things work out a bit better for you.

  2. never met on craigs list. had a few facebook hook ups though.

  3. Would never meet on Craigslist. Scary!

  4. Idk dude, just tell a friend where and who you're going with. Lotsa crazies out there.