Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Weather, New Adventures.

It's starting to get warmer.  It did snow last night but It melted, so as the snow recedes it only means a new danger is afoot. 
Butt Pirates. 
No, not the traditional homosexual farers of the high seas that you think about.  I'm talking about the bums who stalk from ash can to ash can in hunt for a cigarette butt to smoke. 
Now that the snow isn't destroying them immediately, they'll surely appear as the snow disappears. 
So now I'll just hang out next to my window and wait for them to come for my can.  And while I do, I'll practice some chords on my harmonica. 
Anyone else play any instruments?


  1. I play the guitar... don't look at people collecting cigarette buds tho.

  2. Ive definitely done that. addiction will make you do strange things.

  3. i play electric guitar. not proud for my skills, although I should be better at it.

  4. Great! love summer! I'll be checking back soon!

  5. One year of drums. Hated it. One year of trumpet. Hated it. Picked up a guitar. Love it.

  6. Butt i know what they're called...

  7. LOL yeah I know what you mean, I see them all the time.

    Piano, guitar, harmonica, recorder(lol), and clarinet. One day hope to get a bass, violin, banjo, and ukulele.