Thursday, March 24, 2011

Passive Aggressive Justice

Bastards have done it again.  Gray Tahoe with the busted up rear bumper.
Parked in front of my drive, probably for the night.
Probably doesn't even give it a second thought, as he (she?) heads to the opium den next door.
Why should he?  No one's ever done anything.
99% of assholes are caused by people who are too nice to say anything.
I should anonymously call the cops, get him a ticket, get him towed.
The masturbatory fantasies of a coward.
Dusk is falling, no one is around.
Deeply I hawk a thick one up, and out of the side of my mouth I launch.
It lands with a ping on the frozen hood.
Satisfied, I walk back to my door, Justice being served.


  1. Justice never rests, especially for assholes like that.

  2. i hate it when people are p-a. always makes them look so angry, even though they are desperately trying not to be

  3. Problem being, I feel bad calling the police here because there where so many ads on "000 is for emergencies only!!" It makes me feel bad.. My house got egged, I knew there was nothing police could do so i didn't call them.. My whole street got egged that night..

    Im glad at least you got justice!

  4. Nice to see you got justice. I like your writing, I'll be following you!

  5. on top of that you should still call the cops! that would have made your day!

  6. You should call the cops, teach the fucker a lesson

  7. Haha that's so poetic. Good show, but should really get him towed. Check out my new blog, if you haven't already!

  8. I do that all the time if people block my driving side door in a parking space! It's terrible and inconsiderate!

  9. I hate it when that happens, they just don't seem to care, I always love their faces when they see the car is gone :)

  10. Be more assertive! It's the only way to get what you want while maintaining a good image at the same time.