Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nice Work, If You Can Get It.

He waited just inside the back door, watching the club. It closed 15 minutes ago, won't be long now, he's sure. Pea coat, jeans. About 35 or so. Not a bad looking guy. Didn't stink when I walked by to get my chips.
Not drunk, but had just enough to make it seem like it could happen.
The front of the club was dead. He must not have known the place had a backdoor.
Closed 25 minutes ago.
I watch on the monitors, finishing my chips. Hope he didn't giver her money before hand.
She's putting the cash on her dresser. Not even laughing, just a day's work. Well, maybe he's imagining her laughing.
Closed 45 minutes ago.
He 12th time checks his phone and slowly walks back across the lobby to his room's hall. Four minutes later the phone rings. Young woman's voice.
“Sorry, I got a call from this number.”
“Oh, okay,” I hang up.
I sweep the crumbs onto the floor with my hand, hungry.


  1. yeah, I'm also wondering what comes next!

  2. want to see your next post soooon!

  3. I expect some BUT WHO WAS PHONE reactions...

  4. I wonder who was that mysterious person in that phone call

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  6. ooh man! that surely has a second part, right? where's the rest?

  7. ahhh whats next whats next!?!?!?!

  8. Deep :3 I presume theres a second part, or...?

  9. Keep posting great things, bro!